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I have two node lists which look like this:

First list:


Second List


In my xslt I have

<xsl:variable name="webAddr" select="$webXML\\WebAddresses"/>
<xsl:variable name="appAddr" select="$AppXML\\Addresses"/>

I want to filter second list, eliminating those rows having WebID in first list items, So that output list has only the row with WebID=03. I tried the following:

 <xsl:variable name="leftX" select="$appAddr[not(WebID=$webAddr/AddressID)]"/>

But it is not filtering the data, but returning the unchanged appAddr list. I can do it through .net code, but was looking for an xslt way. Please help.

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You'll have to do a few things for this to work.

First, the webAddr and appAddr variables contain invalid XPaths. Change these to:

<xsl:variable name="webAddr" select="$webXML//WebAddresses"/>
<xsl:variable name="appAddr" select="$AppXML//Addresses"/>

(or, better yet, if you know the exact XPaths needed, try to avoid the sometimes-wasteful // axis).

Second, change your leftX variable to look like:

<xsl:variable name="leftX" select="$appAddr/row[WebID = $webAddr/item/AddressID)]"/>

This template removes all <row> elements whose <WebID> child have a value equal to any of the <AddressID> grandchildren of <WebAddresses>.

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