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I'm trying to write a condition based on whether a value in a column of a csv is a certain string.

This is my code, where I will execute some stuff based on whether the content of the cell in the column 'type' is a 'Question':

f = open('/Users/samuelfinegold/Documents/harvard/edXresearch/snaCreationFiles/time_series/time_series.csv','rU')
reader = csv.DictReader(f, delimiter=',')

for line in reader:
    if line['type'] == 'Question':
         print "T"


The error I'm getting: AttributeError: DictReader instance has no attribute '__getitem__'

post_id thread_id   author_id   post_content  types       time     votes_up votes_down posters  
1           0           Jan     NULL          Question    3/1/12 10:45  5   1   Jan, Janet, Jack
2           0           Janet   NULL          Answer      3/1/12 11:00  2   1   Jan, Janet, Jack
3           0           Jack    NULL          Comment     3/2/12 8:00   0   0   Jan, Janet, Jack
4           1           Jason   NULL          Question    3/4/12 9:00   3   1   Jason, Jan, Janet
5           1           Jan     NULL          Answer      3/7/12 1:00   3   1   Jason, Jan, Janet
6           1           Janet   NULL          Answer      3/7/12 2:00   1   2   Jason, Jan, Janet
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post more code please –  oleg Jun 11 '13 at 14:25
Are you sure that's the code causing the problems? That's the error you'd get if you had done reader['type'] instead of line['type']. Add print type(line), repr(line) to see what it really is. –  DSM Jun 11 '13 at 14:51
When I write for line in reader: print type(line) it returns nothing –  goldisfine Jun 11 '13 at 15:10
Where are you doing that? (Remember that you can only for-loop over reader once -- after that, you're at the end.) Simply f = open("/Users//etc"), reader = csv.DictReader(f, delimiter=',') and then for line in reader: print type(line), repr(line). Those four lines only. –  DSM Jun 11 '13 at 15:18
could you provide a sample of your csv file that reproduces the problem? –  Harpal Jun 11 '13 at 15:23

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I put the data you provided in a comma delimited CSV file, I then ran your code on the data you provided and got a KeyError for type, so I changed if line['type'] to if line['types'] and it worked.

My code:

import csv

f = open('test.csv','rU')
reader = csv.DictReader(f,delimiter=',')

for line in reader:
    print line
    if line['types'] == 'Question':
        print 'The above line has type question'

My output:

{'thread_id': '0', 'posters  ': 'Jan', None: ['Janet', 'Jack'], 'post_id': '1', 'post_content': 'NULL', 'time': '3/1/12 10:45', 'votes_down': '1', 'votes_up': '5', 'author_id': 'Jan', 'types': 'Question'}
The above line has type question
{'thread_id': '0', 'posters  ': 'Jan', None: ['Janet', 'Jack'], 'post_id': '2', 'post_content': 'NULL', 'time': '3/1/12 11:00', 'votes_down': '1', 'votes_up': '2', 'author_id': 'Janet', 'types': 'Answer'}
{'thread_id': '0', 'posters  ': 'Jan', None: ['Janet', 'Jack'], 'post_id': '3', 'post_content': 'NULL', 'time': '3/2/12 8:00', 'votes_down': '0', 'votes_up': '0', 'author_id': 'Jack', 'types': 'Comment'}
{'thread_id': '1', 'posters  ': 'Jason', None: ['Jan', 'Janet'], 'post_id': '4', 'post_content': 'NULL', 'time': '3/4/12 9:00', 'votes_down': '1', 'votes_up': '3', 'author_id': 'Jason', 'types': 'Question'}
The above line has type question
{'thread_id': '1', 'posters  ': 'Jason', None: ['Jan', 'Janet'], 'post_id': '5', 'post_content': 'NULL', 'time': '3/7/12 1:00', 'votes_down': '1', 'votes_up': '3', 'author_id': 'Jan', 'types': 'Answer'}
{'thread_id': '1', 'posters  ': 'Jason', None: ['Jan', 'Janet'], 'post_id': '6', 'post_content': 'NULL', 'time': '3/7/12 2:00', 'votes_down': '2', 'votes_up': '1', 'author_id': 'Janet', 'types': 'Answer'}

The reason you have a key called None is because in the posters column the data is already comma delimited, therefore only the fist value in the column would be assigned the key 'posters'

I'm still not sure why you are getting an attribute error, but with a simple change to your code it worked for me.

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python has a module to handle csv files in the standard library


1st hit:


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See my edits: I did use the csv module –  goldisfine Jun 11 '13 at 14:34

maybe you should check if your data has the header line by

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I don't think that's the issue –  goldisfine Jun 11 '13 at 14:49

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