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I'm using to map a directory in the public folder directly to the website and serve static files.

My contains:

map '/pdfs/' do
require './app/main.rb'
   run MainSinatra

I'm using a Sinatra App to run the rest of the application and using cucumber-sinatra to pre-generate some files.

When I try to load the path to the pdfs in my paths file I get an error.

def path_to(page_name)
  case page_name    
  when /dias_all/

Then on my steps file I put

visit dias_all

and I get a 404 error.

I tried adding this to the features/support/env.rb file but still got an error:

  class MainSinatraWorld
    include Rack::Test::Methods
    def app'./public/resources/pdfs')

and then changed the step file visit to a get, but still got an error.



  No response yet. Request a page first. (Rack::Test::Error)

How do I test the contents of the folder through Capybara or Cucumber?

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I was able to figure out how to solve this problem by changing this line in env.rb from: = MainSinatra

to: = eval " {( " + +
'/../../') + "\n )}"

And this runs the application from the rack up file ( and loads all the middleware that wasn't otherwise loading.

I found the answer in this blog.

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