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I am trying to checkout a project from SVN into a new project in Eclipse. The problem is that the SVN project is very big and looks like the Server has some kind of rule or something that whenever a connection is set for a long time it just turns it off, so I can't finish to create the project.

I am able to do it through command line, since 'svn' starts from where it stopped before the 'hang'. But Eclipse does not, because once it fails, when I try to do it again it overwrites everything, starting from the scratch, not letting me finish the checkout.

My question is: is it possible in Eclipse not to overwrite what is already downloaded, but keep downloading from where it stopped instead?

Plus: If I try to checkout from the console and then add it to Eclipse, Eclipse does not recognize the code as connected to SVN. I have read that I could do Team -> Share project... But I am not sure if with this I will make a commit that I don't want or mess with the repo.

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