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I have this code to test network connection:

        if (remoteHostReachability == null) {
            remoteHostReachability = new NetworkReachability (HostName);

            // Need to probe before we queue, or we wont get any meaningful values
            // this only happens when you create NetworkReachability from a hostname
            reachable = remoteHostReachability.TryGetFlags (out flags);

            //remoteHostReachability.SetCallback (OnChange);
            remoteHostReachability.SetNotification (OnChange);
            remoteHostReachability.Schedule (CFRunLoop.Current, CFRunLoop.ModeDefault);
        } else {
            reachable = remoteHostReachability.TryGetFlags (out flags);

When calling it first time, flags are ok. But, when calling it second time, flags are always equals to zero. Tested on iOS Simulator 5.0.

What's the problem? In both Apple's and Xamarin's examples NetworkReachability created once.

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Please note that first time TryGetFlags is calling from background thread (InvokeInBackground). – Maxim Korobov Jun 12 '13 at 7:29

I've found when using Reachability, rather than testing the remote status, I just ensure the host is reachable.

Reachability.HostName = "";
var reachable = (Reachability.InternetConnectionStatus() != NetworkStatus.NotReachable) && Reachability.IsHostReachable("");
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I want to get status change event too, rather then checking it periodically. – Maxim Korobov Sep 3 '13 at 19:37

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