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In zend frame 2, I want to retrieve the columns name and results from two tables.

In SQL I can write

Select user.name, course.mark from course JOIN user.id=course.user_id;

This would return me the name of user, and their mark

But in ZF2 when I want to get such result using use Zend\Db\Sql\Select; wont work. I am using use Zend\Db\Sql\Select since Pagination is being used.

 zf2 User Model

    public function fetchAll($pagination = FALSE)
        // create a new Select object for the table album
        $sql = new Sql($this->tableGateway->getAdapter());
        $select = $sql->select();
        $select->join('user', 'user.id = course.user_id',
        // create a new result set based on the Album entity

        $resultSetPrototype = new ResultSet();
        $resultSetPrototype->setArrayObjectPrototype(new Course());
        // create a new pagination adapter object
        $paginatorAdapter = new DbSelect(
                // our configured select object
                // the adapter to run it against
                // the result set to hydrate
        $paginator = new Paginator($paginatorAdapter);
        return $paginator;
    $resultSet = $this->tableGateway->select();
    return $resultSet;

Should I also create a User Model? At the moment, I have only CourseTable

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  1. No, you don't need the User Model as you are using Course() Class for the resultSet().

  2. Add this at the top of the page - use Zend\Db\Sql\Select

  3. $select = new Select('course');   //'course' is set as the primary table
    $select->columns(array('mark'));   //This is for getting 'course.mark' column
            'user.id = course.user_id',
            array('name')              //This is for getting 'user.name' column
  4. In Course Model, add the public $name; along with public $mark; (Course Model attributes ).
    Only then the mark key of resultSet array will have the value or it will be empty.

Rest of the code is fine.

I hope it helps someone.

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