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I asked this sort of question before ( ) but I couldn't quite resolve the problem (if it has any solution), so I will put this in another fashion, a simpler one:

Can one unload a file from the browser's memory for posterior reloading?
(Removing the tag is not enough apparently.)

Or more relevant, if a reinsert the tag after removing it, is that code rerun (apparently not)?

How can accomplish the latter?

Thanks in advance.

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Why don't you try it out? – jldupont Nov 10 '09 at 0:26
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You could generate a random number and then attach it to the end of the filename like this: .../script.js?r=0.25300762383267283. Then the browser would think it's a new file and not reference it from the cache.

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I think that helped somehow. Noticed something though: The code seems to be rerun nevertheless, so mission accomplished and I guess some of the problems I had were not because of this but DOM related issues which I will check out now. Thanks Alexsander. – leomdg Nov 10 '09 at 0:50
You're welcome :) – Alexsander Akers Nov 10 '09 at 2:12

I don't think it is possible to unload a script file. As to the re-run issue, you could try giving each instance you call a JS file a varying GET parameter (e.g. the current timestamp). That might / should cause the browser to re-execute the file.

What are you trying to achieve? There may be smarter ways than re-loading a script file.

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The given link shows a given use case for what I am trying to do :) – leomdg Nov 10 '09 at 0:27
?? I don't understand. Does that help you or not? And why do you open a 2nd identical question? – Pekka 웃 Nov 10 '09 at 0:52
@Pekka Gaiser: How are they duplicated? They are related, but not the same question. – leomdg Nov 10 '09 at 0:58
@leomdg: Point taken, vote removed. – Pekka 웃 Nov 10 '09 at 2:09
@Pekka Gaiser: Thanks :) And your idea is pretty much the same as Alexsander Akers's I might add, so thanks for that too. – leomdg Nov 10 '09 at 2:15

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