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I have started developing on Android with last Location services feature : Geofences !! Is there any known problem with mock location provider ? Following example here ( my intent service never fired even if the current location is inside geofence. I'm using FakeGPS android app as mock location provider and if I simulate a route I see the location changes on Google Maps app, so the mock location provider is working well. Any ideas ?

Thanks. Paolo.

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I tried forever to get this to work. What a pain Google! Since it says geofences can easily be tested using mocks.

The magic trick is to use the provider name "network" in the Location passed to setMockLocation.

    Location location = new Location("network");
    location.setTime(new Date().getTime());

    LocationServices.FusedLocationApi.setMockLocation(_googleApiClient, location);
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Don't you have to call LocationServices.FusedLocationApi.setMockMode(_googleApiClient, true) first? – Igor Ganapolsky Jan 28 '15 at 12:25

Make sure to enable mock locations on your phone. Select Settings->Developer Options->"Allow mock locations".

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Geofences use FusedLocationProviderApi so to mock them you have to use FusedLocationProviderApi.setMockLocation

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LocationServices.FusedLocationApi.setMockMode(googleApiClient, true) needs to be used before setting Mock Location.

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