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OCamlnet 3 has Http_client.Convenience.http_post.

Its API is like this:

val http_post : string -> (string * string) list -> string

Does a "POST" request with the given URL and returns the response body. The list contains the parameters send with the POST request.

My question is::

where should I supply the header and data body for the post request?

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AFAIR you can not provide custom header in Convenience method. However, you can always use the pipeline API:

let _ =
    let call = new Http_client.post
        [("param", "value")]
    call#set_req_header "User-Agent" "Foozilla 1.0";
    call#set_req_header "Myheader" "foo";
    let pipeline = new Http_client.pipeline in
    pipeline#add call;
    pipeline#run ();
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