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Is there anybody out there, who knows how to fix this plugin to work with the newest cordova/phonegap version?

I have no idea how i can fix the errors in eclipse and i really need a method to change orientation for several pages in my phonegap app!

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You need to make the following changes:


Replace with this:

package com.tsukurusha.phonegap.plugins;

import org.json.JSONArray;
import org.json.JSONException;

import android.app.Activity;
import android.content.pm.ActivityInfo;

import org.apache.cordova.api.CallbackContext;
import org.apache.cordova.api.CordovaPlugin;

public class ScreenOrientation extends CordovaPlugin {
    // Refer to http://developer.android.com/reference/android/R.attr.html#screenOrientation
    private static final String UNSPECIFIED = "unspecified";
    private static final String LANDSCAPE = "landscape";
    private static final String PORTRAIT = "portrait";
    private static final String USER = "user";
    private static final String BEHIND = "behind";
    private static final String SENSOR = "sensor";
    private static final String NOSENSOR = "nosensor";
    private static final String SENSOR_LANDSCAPE = "sensorLandscape";
    private static final String SENSOR_PORTRAIT = "sensorPortrait";
    private static final String REVERSE_LANDSCAPE = "reverseLandscape";
    private static final String REVERSE_PORTRAIT = "reversePortrait";
    private static final String FULL_SENSOR = "fullSensor";

    public boolean execute(String action, JSONArray args, CallbackContext callbackContext) throws JSONException {

        if (action.equals("set")) {
            String orientation = args.optString(0);     
            Activity activity = this.cordova.getActivity();
            if (orientation.equals(UNSPECIFIED)) {
            } else if (orientation.equals(LANDSCAPE)) {
            } else if (orientation.equals(PORTRAIT)) {
            } else if (orientation.equals(USER)) {
            } else if (orientation.equals(BEHIND)) {
            } else if (orientation.equals(SENSOR)) {
            } else if (orientation.equals(NOSENSOR)) {
            } else if (orientation.equals(SENSOR_LANDSCAPE)) {
            } else if (orientation.equals(SENSOR_PORTRAIT)) {
            } else if (orientation.equals(REVERSE_LANDSCAPE)) {
            } else if (orientation.equals(REVERSE_PORTRAIT)) {
            } else if (orientation.equals(FULL_SENSOR)) {
            return true;
        } else {
            return false;


Replace with this:

cordova.define("cordova/plugin/screenorientation", function(require, exports, module) {
    var exec = require('cordova/exec');    
    var ScreenOrientation = function() {};    
    ScreenOrientation.prototype.set = function(str, successCallback, errorCallback) {
    var screenorientation = new ScreenOrientation();
    module.exports = screenorientation;

Then you can replace sample.html with this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>ScreenOrientation PhoneGap Plugin Sample</title>
        <meta charset="utf-8">
        <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="cordova.js"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="pg-plugin-screen-orientation.js"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            function setOrientation(type){
                    function() {
                        console.log("Successfully set "+type);
                    function() {
                        console.error("Failed to set "+type);
        <h1>ScreenOrientation PhoneGap Plugin Sample</h1>
        <input type="button" onclick="setOrientation('landscape');" value="Landscape" />
        <input type="button" onclick="setOrientation('portrait');" value="Portrait" />
        <input type="button" onclick="setOrientation('sensorLandscape');" value="Sensor Landscape" />
        <input type="button" onclick="setOrientation('sensorPortrait');" value="Sensor Portrait" />
        <input type="button" onclick="setOrientation('reverseLandscape');" value="Reverse Landscape" />
        <input type="button" onclick="setOrientation('reversePortrait');" value="Reverse Portrait" />
        <input type="button" onclick="setOrientation('fullSensor');" value="Full Sensor" />

I've put this together as an Eclipse project - you can download it and the resulting APK here

Note: You might want downgrade from Cordova 2.8.0 to Cordova 2.4.0 until issues with pausing the app in Cordova 2.5.0+ have been resolved - see here

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thanks a lot!!! –  Marc Ster Jun 12 '13 at 17:53
What about cordova 3.0.0, any changes ? –  Ahmed Assaf Sep 24 '13 at 13:28
I'm using cordova 3.00 and getting failed to set message ?? –  Ahmed Assaf Sep 24 '13 at 15:22
It probably needs updating for use with cordova 3 –  Dpa99c Sep 24 '13 at 21:51
The plugin is now compatible with Phonegap 3 github.com/their/pg-plugin-screen-orientation/pull/8 –  valepu Oct 20 '13 at 15:24
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