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I'm working on the clustering of terms using k-means and NGD (Normalized Google Distance). I have a distance matrix as input of the k-means algorithm. Is it possible to run k-means on this situation? Could you suggest any source code ?

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Well You could use WEKA-MEANS here I found something

You can download the project to see the source code here

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And how exactly does this help with an algorithm that doesn't use point-to-point distances (matrix or not) at all? –  Anony-Mousse Jun 12 '13 at 6:19

K-means cannot be used with distance matrixes.

Because it never computes/uses point-to-point similarities! (Plus, it can run in less than quadratic time this way...)

Instead, it computes the variance contribution of assigning objects to cluster centroids (technically, this is the squared Euclidean distance point-to-center; but you shouldn't plug in other distances here actually.) And, since the centroids move, you cannot precompute these distances.

However, there exist variations of k-means that don't have this restriction, in particular K-medoids aka PAM (look it up on Wikipedia). These don't use cluster centers, but instead medoids (hence the name), which are points of your data set.

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