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I have an issue that has only arisen as I'm moving to the Oracle backend from sqlite. In my templates, I'm using the built in SHORT_DATE_FORMAT filter. Using sqlite, the date shows correctly, (e.g. 9/21/2012). Moving to Oracle as the backend, the date is showing the day before the date in the database, always (e.g., 9/20/2012). The Oracle data shows 21-SEP-12 AM as the value in the database. My template displays the data like so:

    <td>{{ ec.effective_date|date:"SHORT_DATE_FORMAT" }}</td>

I'm running this against Oracle 11. Is this a Django bug? If so, how do I report it? Thanks.

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In case someone else runs into this issue, it's happening because I was using DateTimeField model fields. In Oracle, that translates to a timestamp, and I guess Django converts that to the previous day. Changing my model fields to DateField, syncdb, and everything is now showing the correct date, and Oracle is using a Date column type, not timestamp.

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