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In relation to: MySQL ORDER BY Customized I have another question. We have an id_competitor with various scores.

id_competitor   score
1               WIN
2               50+
3               90+
4               90+
1               50
2               WIN
3               40
4               40+

I would like to use order by but in the following order:


I dont know how i should do it, with SELECT DISTINCT with ORDER BY or GROUP BY

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based on other answer, I would do something like

SELECT s.id_competitor 
       WHEN score = 'WIN' THEN 100000
       WHEN score = 'LOSER' THEN -100000
       WHEN score LIKE '%+' THEN score * 100 + 99
       ELSE score * 100
       END) as score
FROM myTable
GROUP BY id_competitor) as s


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DESC, of course. –  Raphaël Althaus Jun 11 '13 at 17:44
Thank you, fast answer! –  user2474683 Jun 11 '13 at 17:48

To expand on Ed's excellent response ( http://stackoverflow.com/users/2091410/ed-gibbs )

select outside.id_competitor, sum(outside.numericscore) as sumscore
from (
select inside.id_competitor, CASE
    WHEN inside.score = 'WINNER' THEN 100000
    WHEN inside.score = 'LOSER' THEN -100000
    WHEN inside.score LIKE '%+' THEN inside.score * 100 + 99
    ELSE inside.score * 100
    END AS "numericscore" 
FROM mytable inside
) as outside
group by outside.id_competitor
order by sumscore desc
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