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Currently trying to write a simple r script that when passed in 2 vectors of values would calculate some relationship between them (in the given case, r_square) and display it in a graph with the best fit line.

temp1 <- sample(20000,1367,replace=F,prob=NULL)
temp2 <- sample(20000,1367,replace=F,prob=NULL)
fit <- lm(temp1 ~temp2)

(here using sample in lack of real data). The problem is that i'm trying to add interactivity which would display point's value (X/Y coordinates of sort) on hover.

I've managed to find a few functions that identify them by the their order in the vectors (HWidentify, identify, etc). But none of them give the actual value (x,y) so i was wondering if it's possible to print out coordinates that aren't permanent.

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If you're trying to print the coordinates, you could use the labels argument to the identify() function.

identify(temp1, temp2, labels=paste(temp1, temp2, sep=","))
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Thanks, just got it while messing around (i wish there was more documentation) –  Gray_Hound Jun 11 '13 at 18:25

The HWidentify function also has a labels argument that you can set to whatever you want, using the paste function like @JeanV.Adams works similarly and then you have the hover functionability.

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