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I'm using angular UI-map module The marker is added on the map but when I click it, it shows

Cannot call method 'open' of undefined

and I tried to just call alert and it work. Any idea?

In html

            <div    ng-repeat="marker in meMarker"
                    ui-event="{'map-click': 'showMarkerInfo(marker)'}">

            <!-- Setup Marker Info Window -->
            <div ui-map-info-window="myInfoWindow">


        $scope.showMarkerInfo = function(marker) {
            $scope.myInfoWindow.open($scope.map, marker);
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Fixed: not actually fix, the reason is the latlng from async callback. So angularjs doesn't know. Use $scope.$apply() –  vzhen Jun 11 '13 at 20:46
Could you post your complete fix in code to help others? –  fotomut Jun 13 '13 at 3:06

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The answer, for those who look:

$scope.showMarkerInfo = function(marker) {
    $scope.myInfoWindow.open($scope.map, marker);
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