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Is there a CLI utility for tailing logs from Elastic Beanstalk applications. Specifically a python flask application.

You can use their eb CLI to get a snap shot ...

eb logs

But I would like to do (similar to what heroku offers)...

eb logs --tail

Has any one accomplished this?


Some references:

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I had been struggling with this one too. The eb CLI utility does not seem to allow for tailing your application logs currently.

However, you can tail these logs by:

  1. Creating a key pair in the EC2 console (which should give you a .pem file)
  2. Linking your EB instance to this key pair (in the EB console)
  3. Finding the public DNS of your instance in the EC2 console
  4. Connecting to your instance via ssh (`ssh -i [yourpemfile.pem] ec2-user@[your.public.dns]
  5. Tailing your log file. For a Node.js application, that's tail -f /var/log/nodejs/nodejs.log. I don't know what's the equivalent for a Flask application.

(Thanks to Richard Soutar for pointing me in the right direction on this one.)

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I don't have an environment where i can test this but from looking at the code it looks like you can do:

eb logs tail

check out constants.py line 129

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I have moved on from EB for a couple of reasons. Let me know if anyone can confirm this. –  Jonathan Jun 21 '13 at 13:18
Unfortunately it doesn't look like the eb logs tail makes any difference over eb logs –  Jorge Aranda Sep 4 '13 at 22:20

You might not need eb for it, try

tail -f /var/log/*
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