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I've made an ajax call interceptor to listen for XMLHttpRequests.

I would like to modify the request headers of the XHR. For some reason I can only change them in XMLHttpRequest.send(). Is it to early to modify them in It throws the exception that I pasted in the code below.

So, why do I get an error?

(function (open) { = function () {

        this.setRequestHeader('foo', 'bar'); 
        // InvalidStateError: An attempt was made to 
        // use an object that is not, or is no longer, usable

        open.apply(this, arguments);


(function (send) {

    XMLHttpRequest.prototype.send = function () {

        this.setRequestHeader('foo', 'bar'); // OK

        send.apply(this, arguments);


for(var i = 0; i < 3; i++){

    var rnd = Math.round(Math.random()*3+1),
        httpRequest = new XMLHttpRequest();

    httpRequest.onreadystatechange = function () { };'GET', '/echo/json?delay=' + rnd);


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What if you swap:

this.setRequestHeader('foo', 'bar'); 
open.apply(this, arguments);

to get:

open.apply(this, arguments);
this.setRequestHeader('foo', 'bar'); 

does it work then?

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Yea, could you please explain why? – Johan Jun 11 '13 at 19:29
Because you need to open it before you set it. – epascarello Jun 11 '13 at 19:29

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