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Can dartlang do that or is it only possible to make web apps in the strictest sense (one person)? I am interested in dartlang because it seems simpler than node js with socket io and seems to be the only other realtime alternative.

Also, I am new to programming is dartlang easy to learn?

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In short answer: yes, and yes. –  Kai Sellgren Jun 11 '13 at 23:02

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What you're asking is for an opinion, which you would need to form on your own. Making opinions here on StackOverflow would require someone to provide personal experiences, and since you did not provide information which could allow one to provide you with a comparative bit of information, it might be construed as mildly difficult to adequately provide you with such.

With that being said, I'd like to pose the following questions, which would then allow you to determine how you feel the ease of dartlang is -- you don't have to answer them here, just keep them for thought as it may help you.

What about it seems more simple than "node js with socket io"? What web apps are you going to make? How will your web apps be utilized?

These are only a few questions, but in all honesty, check out a book from a library if they have one and see if you like it -- if you have the funds to buy a book, you might want to consider doing this as well as it could prove to be useful.

As always, feel free to comment on this and I can share more information on it -- but opinions should truly be formed from within.

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Wading through the above pool of bullshit has soiled my trousers. In any event... Counter pontification: It makes little sense to answer an objective question, appearing in an objective question and answer forum, with vague, generally ambiguous advice pertaining to the creation of opinions. Ironically (and I assume unbeknownst to you),while supporting nonobjective formation of opinions in your effort to identify my simple yes or no questions as nonobjective, you have proposed a Socratic method of learning and self discovery, one which is intrinsically objective. –  user2444319 Jun 12 '13 at 22:12
It seems as though, while my goal has been accomplished, I might have led you down a path of forming discomfort. In short, my goal wasn't to force you to "wade in a pool of bullshit", in which was formed by my comment, but rather to understand that asking for opinions here on Stackoverflow are somewhat discouraged. I'd be more than happy to not only answer your questions in full, but also work with you on this to ensure you fully understand the processes. I apologize if I've brought on discord. –  Ruby is Chai Jun 14 '13 at 20:16

Yes, it is possible. You can write a Dart server-side app that speaks HTTP and Web sockets.

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