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Is there a difference to a sqlite db single file having 1 million+ rows and 10000 rows with multiple files if both are stored in memory ramdrive /dev/shm?

I'm wondering if i should partition my huge 1m row db (by category or possibly a-z letter and 25 tables/files) or if it would make no difference performance wise as its already in memory

This will be strictly used as a heavy/very frequently read only cache so file locks or frequent updates or anything like that is not an issue. If relevant, only run 1 query by PK id (SELECT * WHERE id IN (1,2,3)

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One million row is not that much. SQLite supports databases up to 140 terabytes. See the detailed description of the SQLite limits.

How much memory does the table with one million rows consume? It should be easily handled on any modern machine.

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Partitioning makes sense only if the parts are on separate devices that can be accessed in parallel. On a RAM drive, having multiple databases just makes all accesses more complex.

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