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I need to allow a user to select a number between 5 and 30 in my Windows Phone app, and I find it overall difficult to do.
I am using pivot control so I shouldn't use slider according to MS guidelines.
I have downloaded WPToolkit and they have a neat DatePicker and TimePicker controls, and I think something similar would be perfect to pick a number (just the same way you pick time when setting up an alarm).
I was considering simple textbox, but I think it would be much nicer to just pick from a list of numbers instead of typing in...
Any ideas how to implement it? Or have anyone done that alrady? I think I could put like a textbox with focus or click event that would redirect to another page that has LongListSelector and once an item has been selected I would redirect back to the original page and populate the textbox with the selected number... Is that doable?

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You can download the Toolkit source code and modify the DatePicker/TimePicker control to be more generic.

If you don't want to do that, you could just use the ListPicker control instead which is also included in the toolkit. Simply pass a list of numbers between 5 and 30 and the user can pick from the list.

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I guess that could work, I have also tried adding a constraint on a textbox, but even with "Digits" constraint, people can type in a decimal number^^ thanks for your help! :) – Daniel Gruszczyk Jun 11 '13 at 20:21

You need to use LoopingSelector from Windows Phone Toolkit. An example how to customize it is here

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