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This is towards the extreme in R's capabilities I think, but here goes...

I'm doing some heavy processing in R in which I've written a function which does all the leg work from a single call. However, I'd like to thread or utilise more than a single core.

I've looked at the Parallel package, which comes up as deprecated. I'd ideally like to call function as a new thread.

I understand the complexities of parallel computing and that it's not the easiest thing in the world, but I'd appreciate it if anyone knew of some packages that would be useful or anything I've overlooked.


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The multicore package is deprecated: not parallel. Take a look at the documentation for the mclapply function: it's the easiest way to execute functions in parallel in the parallel package. It's very similar to lapply but with a few new, optional arguments:

myfun <- function(i) { Sys.sleep(1); i }
mclapply(1:8, myfun, mc.cores=4)

Note that mclapply uses processes, not threads, and doesn't support parallel execution on Windows. For Windows, you should take a look at parLapply, which is also in parallel. It is also similar to lapply, but requires a cluster object as the first argument. Here's the same example, but this works on essentially any platform:

cl <- makePSOCKcluster(4)
myfun <- function(i) { Sys.sleep(1); i }
parLapply(cl, 1:8, myfun)
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But the functions like parLapply in the parallel package does work in parallel on windows, it just takes a little more setup to use than mclapply. –  Greg Snow Jun 11 '13 at 21:55
@GregSnow I finally understood your comment and hopefully improved my answer. Thanks. –  Steve Weston Jun 11 '13 at 22:10

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