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In my store.js.coffee, I'm setting the namespace for my API:

  namespace: "api/v1"

That's the base namespace I want to use for my ember-data API calls to Rails Active Model Serializers.

But in some API calls, I want my model to sync with an endpoint in the namespace api/v1/admin.

How do I do this in Ember (leaving the application default as api/v1)?

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The previous answer here is actually no longer valid (as of Ember Data 1.0.beta.1).

Per the changelog, you now use the ModelNameAdapter syntax. For example,

App.AdminAsset = DS.Model.extend({

App.AdminAdapter = DS.Adapter.create({
    url: 'api/v1/admin'

App.AdminAssetAdapter = App.AdminAdapter;
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You can set adapters per type in ember. So create another adapter for '/admin', set the namespace on that adapter to "api/v1/admin" and then set the appropriate types to use that adapter instead:

App.AdminAsset = DS.Model.extend({

App.adminAdapter = DS.Adapter.create({
    url: "api/v1/admin"

App.Store.registerAdapter(App.AdminAsset, App.adminAdapter);
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