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Working with jquery 1.3.2. I use this code

$('#myInput').keyup(function() {

to detect id there was an key input in my form. However, it wont detect if I paste something inside form. How can be this achieved? Thank you

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There is an input event that you can use for all manner of key presses, pasting, clearing, etc:

$('#myInput').bind('input', function() {
     // Your handler
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works, thank you –  user1031743 Jun 12 '13 at 0:13

You can bind to the change event:

$('#myInput').change(function() {
   //your code

In modern browsers, there's also a paste event. If you don't mind getting multiple events, you could do something like this:

$('#myInput').bind('keyup change paste', function() {
   //your code
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Javascript by default have a specific event that can be triggered by the HTML itself:

<input ... onpaste="myFunction()"/>

You can then easily define myFunction as you like.

Alternatively using jQuery you can bind the following event:

    $("#myInput").bind('paste', function(e) {
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