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How do get this simple task done in ADF -

Based on some parameter I want a row to be retrieved from a view object programmatically. I have no idea how this could be done. IF I am not using ADF my business method would have a query like below and then return whatever details i want in the form on object.
*select * from abcTable where abccolumn = param1;*

param1 is an input from a jsf page. I capture that input and based on that input i need to query another database table (which will be in the form of View object in the ADF) to retrieve additional details and fill up some other components in the jsf page. How do I get this task done. I am trying to get instance of the view object but i do not seem to find any method using which I could retrieve only limited rows i want based on a where clause. The executeQuery method does not return anything (weird case).

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You can filter viewObject programmatically and can get rows- you can filter viewObject using 2 methods 1. where clause 2. filterdRows see- Get Filtered Rows From View Object in Oracle ADF

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The VO has a setWhereClause method that you can use to add/modify a where clause to the query. You can also pre-define a VO with a bind parameter query.

Some more info on the UI side : ADF Query with Parameters and List of Values and ADF Query with Parameters and List of Values - Part II

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