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app.get('/email', function(req,res){
    var emailjs = require('emailjs');
    var email_server = emailjs.server.connect({
        host: '',
        ssl: true,
        tls: true,
        port: "465",

    var h={
        text: 'hey how you doing',
        from: 'Kate Holloway <>',
        to: '',
        subject: 'where is your phone'
    var message = emailjs.message.create(h);
    email_server.send(message, function(err,message){


Is this the right settings to do it?

The error message I get is:

{ [Error: connection has ended] code: 9, smtp: undefined }

Note: this code works with my own domain/server. But it doesn't work with Gmail. Therefore, I think my settings for Gmail smtp are incorrect.

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although in my company we don't use node, we do use a lot gmail for emailing. in some cases we detected that port 587 is necessary; see if it can fix your problem. – gustavohenke Jun 12 '13 at 1:04
Try removing the ssl and port options from email_server. If you just set tls: true, it will figure out the ssl and port settings. – nfreeze Jun 12 '13 at 3:49

We have used this library with Gmail. We have only set host, user, password and ssl options. Its working as expected. Try removing other options.

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