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I have a video element:

var video = window.content.document.createElement("video");
video.width = width;
video.height = height; 
video.style.backgroundColor = "black";

And I'm retrieving it's source via getUserMedia() on Firefox:

window.navigator.getMedia = ( window.navigator.getUserMedia || window.navigator.webkitGetUserMedia || window.navigator.mozGetUserMedia || window.navigator.msGetUserMedia);

window.navigator.getMedia( //constraints, sucessCallback, errorCallback
    {video: true, audio: false},
    function(stream) {
        if (window.navigator.mozGetUserMedia) 
            video.mozSrcObject = stream;
            var vendorURL = window.URL || window.webkitURL;
            video.src = vendorURL.createObjectURL(stream);
    function(err) {
        console.log("Error: " + err);

The problem is I need to know the "active area" of video, and it's returning me 0:

video.onloadedmetadata = function(){

    console.log(this.width + "x" +this.height); 
    console.log(this.videoWidth + "x" +this.videoHeight);

So, how can I retrieve the REAL values?: enter image description here

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When I am running your code using FF, this.width and this.height return the actual dimensions of the video element. Just to test I set video.width and video.height equal to 400 and the first console line returned 400x400. –  Sam Oct 10 '13 at 17:19

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You should add a loadeddata event listener to the video, and try to read the size then, which is when enough information about the stream has been decoded and the dimensions can be accurately determined.

Still, it sometimes takes a bit in some cases to get the dimensions ready, so you might want to try several times (with delay) until it works.

That might be why it is not working for you but it's working for Sam.

Here's how I check the video size, with several attempts if required, in my gumhelper library: https://github.com/sole/gumhelper/blob/master/gumhelper.js#L38

Notice how we try several times and if it doesn't work we "give up" and default to 640x480.

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"loadeddata" should only fire once. It's better to use "timeupdate" to repeatedly check if the video width and height have been set, in particular with getUserMedia where you don't really pause the video, but go straight into playback.

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Actually this seems to be a bug in FF: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=926753

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