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Hi my following code gives a "Syntax Error" and i have no idea why...

Any basic mistake you can see?

(* ajouter_itineraire: itineraire -> plan -> plan *)
let  ajouter_itineraire (i: itineraire) (p: plan) = match p with
   | Vide ->[i]
   | Ilist l ->if itineraire_existe(i.num) then
       Err("Itineraire deja present") else i::p.Ilist

Err is an exception taking a string as parameter.

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Your code tries to return the exception as a value. I think you want to say raise (Err "Itineraire deja present"). Also p.Ilist looks wrong. Most likely this should be just l.

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Right, and right... Thanks, I'm a beginner in OCaml and without these 2 mistakes my code runs well... when I think I've spent so much time on this ^^' –  Ludovic Migneault Jun 12 '13 at 2:41

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