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I have a CSV with 950 rows that I'm importing into Postgres via Rails using the following controller code:

io = params[:file]
trade_plans = []
CSV.foreach(io.tempfile, { :col_sep => "|" }) do |row|
  if row.length == 16
    trade_plans << create_trade_plan(row)

def create_trade_plan(row)

  number_of_shares = row[10].to_i.abs

  return {
    :user_id => current_user.id,
    :symbol => row[2].upcase,
    :symbol_long_name => row[3].upcase,
    :direction => STYPE_MAP[row[5]][1],
    :number_of_shares => number_of_shares,
    :description => "Trade #{row[1]} on #{format_datetime(row[7], row[8])}",
    :trade_status => 'closed',
    :is_potential => false,
    :planned_entry_price => 0,
    :planned_target_price => 0,
    :planned_stop_loss_price => 0,
    :without_trade_plan => true

I'm using activerecord's bulk create method, though from this answer it would seem that bulk insert isn't supported for Postgres... anyway, what I'd like to know is that my Rails logs give me this:

Completed 200 OK in 315855ms (Views: 1280.1ms | ActiveRecord: 3341.2ms)

If there were only 3.3 seconds of AR, how did the import take 315 seconds for 950 rows? There's a few callbacks and some validations but that seems a lot to me. Is 0.33 seconds per record a reasonable expectation?

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Is each insert being done in its own transaction or batched? Are there any foreign keys present on the tables? What does an explain analyze of one of the underlying inserts show (see the PostgreSQL logs, possibly with log_statement = 'all' enabled). Can you just use the Pg gem's support for PostgreSQL's COPY to do a fast streaming import? – Craig Ringer Jun 12 '13 at 3:59
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Ruby processing also takes time. Use benchmarking to see what part of the code takes time.

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It turns out there were some pretty slow callbacks going on. I was sure I'd checked that but investigating with the benchmarking module helped me to get there. Thanks. – Tim Fletcher Jun 14 '13 at 13:35

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