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I have a div and inside that div are a lot of images. Some are hidden and some are not. Is there a simple way to find out if all images are hidden? The code below will fire if some of the images are hidden. I want it to fire only if all images are hidden. Thanks.

if ($('#images' img").is(":hidden"))
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You can check it this way:

var images = $('#images img');
if(images.filter(':hidden').length == images.length)
   //all are hidden

By the way there is a syntax error in $('#images' img") due to unmatched quotes.

Also checking $('#images img').is(":hidden") will provide you the status of true if atleast one of the images is hidden.


See :hidden

Do remember that this won't work with visibility:hidden

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Thats cool, just what I wanted. Thanks. Also thanks for explaining why! –  user2238083 Jun 12 '13 at 4:31

Your solution was pretty close, but you need to think about it just the opposite. Consider checking to see if any images are visible -- if so, then all images can't be hidden.

This should work well:

    if (!$('#images img').is(":visible")) {
        alert("Do Something");
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