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We want to develop application for customer which uses LDAP for authentication makes it use for single sign on (SSO) technique.We are very beginner about this topic.

What we think about LDAP upto now is(Correct me if i am wrong):

  1. There is LDAP server somewhere which contains users and its associated role.
  2. when user browse our web application it asks to enter username and password (which is actually credentials for LDAP server)
  3. when LDAP server authenticates it sends a token to our web application ,we put that token in cookies and use this token to authenticate users for every web application with in our domain.
  4. so using this technique we do not have to make additional modules for user management.

what we are missing ?

Any idea will be appreciated/

Thanks in Advance

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This link should get you started: How To: Use Membership in ASP.NET 2.0

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