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I have this method in my Controller that saves the value in a Tempdata, as shown below.

public Boolean SaveSession(string id) {
        TempData["CurrentTab"] = id;
        return true;

Now in my javascript, I want to get the value in that TempData. But when I alerted the value I got this value. "[object HTMLSpanElement]"

         if (TempData["CurrentTab"] != null){           
            @:alert("" + @TempData["CurrentTab"].ToString())                

How can I get the string value of that Tempdata?


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The problem is that you're wrapping your TempData value incorrectly.

Assuming your id is my_span, the JavaScript output is:

alert("" + my_span)

When you probably want:


The reason you see [object HTMLSpanElement] is because the Browser tries to translate my_span into document.getElementById('my_span') (since it doesn't know of any other my_span) and you actually have such (span) element with that id.


     if (TempData["CurrentTab"] != null){
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