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Is it possible for me to have multiple keys and multiple values for my .ini file? if so how?

i know we can have single key with multiple values using list or multimaps but can i replicate the same concept for multiple keys like this-keys-a,b,c values-(for row 1)d,e,f and so on for multiple rows what i actually want is this for my ini file


key1 maps to value1 and4 and so on

and all of this should be in one map

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so you have a map for which key is "a","b","c" and value is "d","e","f".. something like that ? –  sanbhat Jun 12 '13 at 6:31
can you add some example, please? –  midhunhk Jun 12 '13 at 6:32
the values should be retrieved in the same order as are the key1 retrieves value1 and value4......ke2 retrieves value2 and value5 and so on –  user2470087 Jun 12 '13 at 6:44

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Re your edit, it looks like you want to retrieve by any of the keys. So all you really have here is a String : List map.

Just loop through that file, split each line on ||, and add the first entry to the first key's list, the second entry to the second key's list, etc.

Very roughly, Java-like pseudocode:

Map<String, List> map = HashMap<String, List>();
String line;
String[] entries;
int index;
String[] keys;

// file...

// First line is keys
line = source.readLine();
if (line == null) {
    // File is empty
else {
    // Add the keys
    keys = new String[entries.size()];
    index = 0;
    for (String key : entries) {
         keys[index++] = key;
         map.put(key, new LinkedList());

    // Process entries
    while ((line = source.readLine()) != null) {
        entries = line.split("\\|\\|");
        index = 0;
        for (String entry : entries) {
            if (index >= keys.length) {

...or something like that.

Original answer, just for anyone finding this later who wants to go another way:

I can read your question two ways:

If you mean you want to store a List under several keys and use any one of them to retrieve it, you can do that:

map.put(key1, list);
map.put(key2, list);
map.put(key3, list);

// ...later
list = map.get(key1); // or key2, or key3

If you mean you want to retrieve using all of the keys but not the keys individually, then conceptually that's just one key. You could derive from any of the Map or List classes, add your own equals and getHashCode as appropriate to your definition of the "same" key, and use that:

map.put(specialMultiKey, list);

// ...later
list = map.get(specialMultiKey);
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You can use Apache Common Collection's MultiKeyMap:

[EDIT: If you don't want to use it, you can write your own implementation of MuliKeyMap by extending Map and providing an implementation similar to what is given in MultiKeyMap.]

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