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programmers, i'm using symfony doctrine and mongodb. Today i try to create following query:

$q = $this->createQueryBuilder("user");
$keywords = explode("_", $keyword);
foreach ($keywords as $keyword) {
    $r = new \MongoRegex('/'.$keyword.'/i');
return $q->getQuery()->execute();

but after execute() i got following error "zero-length keys are not allowed, did you use $ with double quotes". query must realize user search by keywords. can you help me fix that, please?

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if someone interest, i found solution by using separate "or" expressions:

    $q = $this->createQueryBuilder();
    $keywords = explode(" ", $keyword);
    foreach ($keywords as $keyword) {
        $r = new \MongoRegex('/'.$keyword.'/i');
   return $q->getQuery()->execute();

hope my experience will help

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