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Hi all I just need current location details,

I have done the part of getting Current location Coordinates.

Now i want to get the region name, etc (No Maps) details using these coordinates.

How to do that? Any sample code available?

Thanks in advance.

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implement the MKReverseGeocoderDelegate

implements <MKReverseGeocoderDelegate>

Add an instance variable:

MKReverseGeocoder *_reverseGeocoder;

Create your reverse geocoder object:

CLLocationCoordinate2D location;
location.latitude = latitude;   // You said you had this value
location.longitude = longitude;   // You said you had this value
_reverseGeocoder = [[MKReverseGeocoder alloc]initWithCoordinate:location];
_reverseGeocoder.delegate = self;
[_reverseGeocoder start];

Implement the following delegate function:

- (void)reverseGeocoder:(MKReverseGeocoder *)geocoder didFindPlacemark:(MKPlacemark *)placemark  
    /// placemark has your location!
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Thanks a lot marcc, I got the solution. – Nic Nov 10 '09 at 8:13

You can use MKReverseGeocoder.

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