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I have built a small game in .NET that I will be distributing to users, but I don't want the application to be installed on the user's machine. The application should run from the CD only without a setup being installed on the users machine.

Assumption - .NET 2.0 will be available on all users' machines. I want my application to run only if a CD or DVD is present.

I tried ClickOnce, but that creates a setup.exe file that installs the software on the user's machine.

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Just distribute the .exe created when building your project. Possible dublicate: Best way to deploy Visual Studio application that can run without installing –  Drasive Jun 12 '13 at 7:14
Thanks Drasive - That did work, but I am unable to get the autorun.inf to launch the exe file. I have created the autorun.inf file [Autorun] open=knowledge.exe –  user2477208 Jun 15 '13 at 9:29
I posted an answer containing multiple ways to create an autorun-file. –  Drasive Jun 24 '13 at 12:08

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Build your project with the configuration "Release".

Burn the created .exe-file (default path: "PROJECTNAME/Build/Release") and all needed files (.ddls or something) on your CD.

Additional Information: Best way to deploy Visual Studio application that can run without installing


Create a "autorun.inf" file on your CD and write "[autorun]" on the first line. Chose one of the following options for the second line:

  • "open" command (Windows 95 or later)

Syntax: "open=FILENAME.exe"

Example: "open=example.exe"

  • "shellexecute" command (Windows 2000 or later)

Syntax: "shellexecute=FILENAME"

Example: "shellexecute=example.exe"

Source: http://www.wizbit.net/

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Just burn the EXE file on a DVD. Use IMAPI to check for CD/DVD presence.

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