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I use Tim Pope's vim-rails and I would like to switch off the autocompletion (for example when I enter AM. it expands to AcionMailer). Don't want to change plugin itself, because I use git submodules for my plugins, rather I would like to switch off the completion within vimrc.

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All of that can be found just by reading the fine documentation:

  This variable was formerly used to globally disable abbreviations. Use
  g:rails_no_abbreviations if you want to do that.

Therefore, putting

:let g:rails_no_abbreviations = 1

into your ~/.vimrc should suffice.

You can also disable certain abbreviations via :Rabbrev!

  ABBREVIATIONS *rails-abbreviations* *rails-snippets*

  :Rabbrev! {abbr} Remove an abbreviation.
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thank you, great! –  Ch4rAss Jun 12 '13 at 8:08

Vim-rails doesn't do autocompletion: the culprit is another plugin or custom function…

Without a link to your config, we won't be able to offer meaningful help.

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Oooooh… "abbreviation". OK. –  romainl Jun 12 '13 at 12:39

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