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I have a model Report, which is related to Account, and therefore has an account_id field.

On the Report's edit method, I have a form with the following field:

echo $this->Form->input('account_id', array(
    'div' => 'accountInput',
    'options' => $accounts,
    'default' => $currentAccountId,

(NB: in this case, the 'options' doesn't need to be explictly set thanks to auto-magic)

Now - the real question - if there is an existing value in the database (e.g. account_id == 1) then even if I include the default as 2, value 1 still appears as selected in the html form.

I could use a different name for the input, but I want it to save to account_id on submission.

Anyone know how to achieve this simply? (or else I add js and a hidden field or something clunky like that!)

Thanks, A

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You can use an option 'value' instead of 'default'.

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Exactly! face-palm for it being relatively obvious – Adam Marshall Jun 12 '13 at 9:29

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