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I want to capture a image link from a link/

For example:

In Html file response, I cature a link that looks like http://images1.tuoitre.vn/tianyon/ImageView.aspx?ThumbnailID=639445

it display an image in the browser. When I paste it into the browser, it redirects to address image link. http://images1.tuoitre.vn/Tianyon/Cache/Image/445/639445.jpg

So, I can not download image from http: //images1.tuoitre.vn/tianyon/ImageView.aspx?ThumbnailID=639445. I only know how to download images form a direction address as http: //xxx.jpg

Is there any way to capute http: //xxx.jpg to address link http: //xxx.aspx?ThumbnailID=639445

Thank you so much!

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If i understood you correctly, you want to download the image from URL right? then try below Action in your controller.

public FileStreamResult DownloadImg()
            string aURL = "http://images1.tuoitre.vn/Tianyon/Cache/Image/445/639445.jpg";
            Stream rtn = null;
            HttpWebRequest aRequest = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(aURL);
            HttpWebResponse aResponse = (HttpWebResponse)aRequest.GetResponse();
            rtn = aResponse.GetResponseStream();

            return File(rtn, "image/jpeg","Image_1");



 @Html.ActionLink("Download", "DownloadImg", "{YourControllerName}")
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