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I'm trying to make a simple graph that goes back to the beginning after drawing all the way to the canvas width. But for some reason it doesn't goes up iterating after i reset the x value. Where am i doing wrong things? thnx in advance;


just to describe my logic: i watch if the X value gets up to canvas width and then i just reset it.

and here's the script:

    var canvas = document.getElementById('mycanvas');
    var curposY = 0;
    var ctx = canvas.getContext('2d');

    var color1 = '02c4f9';

    var i = 0;
    var oldX = 0,
        oldY = parseInt(Math.random()*(40-30)+30),
        newX = 0,
        newY = parseInt(Math.random()*(40-30)+30);

    if (canvas.getContext){

        function drawContent(initialValue){ 

            ctx.strokeStyle = "#"+color1;           
            ctx.lineWidth = 1;

            // console.log('draw');

            // console.log(color1);

            oldX = newX;
            oldY = newY;
            newX = i++;
            newY = parseInt(Math.random()*(45-30)+30);

            if( newX >= 200 ){
                newX = 0;


    } else {
        alert('You need Safari or Firefox 1.5+ to see this demo.');
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Where is the looping construct in your js ? –  dreamweiver Jun 12 '13 at 9:09

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It seems you're resetting the newX value but not the i value, which according to your code has to be reset as well.

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thanks a lot! :) –  mr.oizo Jun 12 '13 at 14:03

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