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I'm evaluating WSO2 Identity server, it was very quick to get started with (thanks for that!).

However I'd like to add support for multi tenancy, but after I have added a new domain I'm not able to add any users to that tenant.

All new users go directly into the carbon.super domain.

Also when adding a tenant I can only select the 'demo' usage plan. I understand that the multi tenancy is available in Stratos Live as SaaS, but I'd like to have it (or at least evaluate it) on a stand alone deployment.

Is that possible and how do I go about to enable it? I did search around and look into the config files but nothing obvious.

Edit: I'm using the embedded LDAP atm. I'm planning on using AWS RDBMS (MySql) at a later time.

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Hi Magnus, did you get an answer elsewhere to your question? Thanks –  Ian Mc Shane Jun 14 '13 at 7:11
No, however I found that the OAuth1/2 provider in the latest WSO2 IDM crashes when I try to make requests to it's endpoint which made me look at other solutions. –  Magnus Jun 14 '13 at 7:42
This should be worked, what is the version are you using? –  DarRay Jun 21 '13 at 4:55
I was using the latest download on the WSO2 homepage at the time 4.1.0. I did clean installs but got the same results. –  Magnus Jul 15 '13 at 10:28

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  1. To configure for RDBMS you have to do the following. a) Add the data source configuration of your RDBMS in repository\conf\datasources\master-datasources.xml

            <description>The datasource used for user manager mydomain.com</description>
            <definition type="RDBMS">
                    <validationQuery>SELECT 1</validationQuery>

    b) In repository\conf\user-mgt.xml, modify the entries in jdbc/myIDMDB This is the datasource you created previously. org.wso2.carbon.user.core.config.multitenancy.SimpleRealmConfigBuilder Previously there was an LDAP config builder, now you are changing to SimpleConfigBuillder.

    c)Comment LDAP User Store and uncomment the JDBC user store in same user-mgt.xml you can also search for org.wso2.carbon.user.core.jdbc.JDBCUserStoreManager d) In repository\conf\tenant-mgt.xml, comment TenantManager element and search for org.wso2.carbon.user.core.tenant.JDBCTenantManager and uncomment it. Otherwise you can add the following tags.

  2. When I tried with both default LDAP and an RDBMS user stores, LDAP as primary user store and RDBMS as secondary user store, an extra property I had to set in RDBMS user store configuration for the domain. abc.com after this, when I create a user I have to create like abc.com\user1. This user will be saved in my RDBMS database and also, when I loging I have to provide like abc.com\user1.

Hope this helps.

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I recently tried SCIM user management provided by WSO2. Initially I struggled to create a user under a tenant. Today I am successful to do that.

https://example.com:9443/wso2/scim/Users (I used Identity Server Version 4.6.0)

Request: { "schemas": [ "http://wso2.org/claims" ], "userName": "sunil132@binkam.com", "password": "admin12345" }

Important thing is: In authorization header you have to provide tenant's admin.

I gave the above details for your information only.

In your case, you have to login with tenant admin user instead of admin/admin and create user. Ex. if your tenant admin user is admin@abc.com you have to login with this id instead of default admin user.

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