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I have connected to a esxi server that I created using putty in windows. I want to capture the esxtop output in a csv file to open it with excel. But I can't find the capture.csv file. I looked around and found that I might have to use scp command.

I found this is the general syntax scp local_file(s) user@hostname:destination_directory

now what will be the hostname here if I just want to copy capture.csv to a windows drive?

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I think your question is about copying a file from Linux/UNIX to Windows. To achieve the functionality of scp there is a freeware called WinSCP, which u can use for copying files. Or create a share in Linux/UNIX side using Samba and the share folder can be accessed from Windows.

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Yeah you might be right..thanks for your reply.. But I got what I wanted when i tried scp on linux terminal.. I din't realise I was supposed to try that in cmd prompt in windows and kept trying it in ssh!(and because ssh takes the command, I din't think it was wrong initially)...anyways got the file. –  Arathi Senan Jun 12 '13 at 17:04

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