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Is it possible to create high quality animated images (like a gif) using only CSS animations, like setting the background-position-y value every 40ms?

I know that this is possible using javascript, but I would prefer using only CSS if this is possible and supported by most browsers.

Here is an example of an image I want to animate:


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Why not using a gif? –  Cana Jun 12 '13 at 9:55

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This can be done by using keyframes play and animation under CSS. You have to manipulate the background position of each frame with the FPS that you desire to keep and you will get image animated.

For Instance,

1. Decide the background position

@keyframes play {
   from { background-position:    xxpx; }
     to { background-position: xxpx; }

2. To make it play, with the number of seconds that you want, the steps as well as the loop

      -webkit-animation: play .xx steps(xx) infinite;
      -moz-animation: play .xx steps(xx) infinite;
      -ms-animation: play .xx steps(xx) infinite;
      -o-animation: play .xx steps(xx) infinite;
      animation: play .xx steps(xx) infinite;    }

PS: xx is the dummy for any number you want to set.

Hope the helps.

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awesome! thanks for the answer! :) –  stefreak Jun 12 '13 at 10:05
You are welcome :) –  Nathan Lee Jun 12 '13 at 10:06

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