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I am currently working on a java application to map the E.164 Telephone Number to DNS name to get a IP address.I dont know how to do this.If any body knows it please help me.

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The mapping part is really simple,

                    public String getEnum(String number) {
                            String data = number.replaceAll("[^0-9]","");
                            StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
                            for (int i = data.length()-1; i >= 0; i--)
                            return sb.toString();
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Ok fine.After getting this string which is called as DNS query String ,using this i have to get the DNS name corresponding to that phone number.how i can do this? –  Rajapandian Nov 10 '09 at 13:06
This is the DNS name that you can use to do DNS lookup. I guess you need to get the NAPTR record for SIP URI etc. Java doesn't support that. You will need to use Java DNS package dnsjava.org for that. –  ZZ Coder Nov 10 '09 at 16:44
Thanks for your reply.I got some idea. –  Rajapandian Nov 11 '09 at 7:36
(if you find an answer useful, don't hesitate to upvote) –  Andreas_D Nov 12 '09 at 7:59

Shouldn't be too complicated. Here's an extract from the corresponding wikipedia entry:

The ITU ENUM allocates a specific zone, namely "e164.arpa" for use with ENUM E.164 numbers on the IP side of the network. RFC 3761 define how any ENUM number, such as +1 555 42 42 can be transformed into a URI, by reversing the numbers, separating them with dots and adding the e164.arpa suffix thus:


Just in detail:

  1. read the phone number as a String (or convert it to a string)
  2. remove any char that is not a number (whitechars, '+', etc)
  3. revert the string, in this case: 15554242 -> 24245551
  4. put a dot behind each number, here: 24245551 ->
  5. append 'e164.arpa'

that's all - you don't need special API, it's just a sort of String transformation

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Thanks for your reply.Theoretically it is ok but i want to implement this concept in java.Like My application has to get a phone number as input and give corresponding IP address as output.This is what i want to do.I read in some article like JSR-161 api is used to do this.But i am struggling to get that api.If any know the link please tell me. –  Rajapandian Nov 10 '09 at 9:37

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