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I'm trying to make the sharing of our website in Facebook multilingual, but it isn't working as promised.

curl -H "X-Facebook-Locale: de_DE" http://somedomain.com/somesite
# and
curl -H http://somedomain.com/somesite?fb_locale=de_DE

both return the German Meta-Tags:

<meta content="http://somedomain.com/somesite" property="og:url" />
<meta content="website" property="og:type" />
<meta content="somesite.com" property="og:title" />
<meta content="http://somesite.com/assets/fb-logo.png" property="og:image" />
<meta content="Beschreibung" property="og:description" />
<meta content="de_de" property="og:locale" />
<meta content="en_us" property="og:locale:alternate" />

But if I share this url within Facebook I will always get the english version of the site, even if the facebook user's language is German.

I tried to work with

curl -d id=http://somedomain.com/somesite&scrape=true&locale=de_DE https://graph.facebook.com

  "error" : {
    "message" : "Unsupported post request.",
    "type"    : "GraphMethodException",
    "code"    : 100

while locale=en_US AND locale=de_de (lowercase country) returns:

  "url"         : "http:\/\/somedomain.com\/somesite",
  "type"        : "website",
  "title"       : "somedomain.com",
  "description" : "Description",
  "locale"      : {
    "locale"    : "en_us",
    "alternate" : ["de_de"]
  "image"       : [
    { "url"     : "http:\/\/somedomain.com\/fb-logo.png" }

and locale=en_UK returns correctly

  "error" : {
    "message" : "(#100) Invalid locale supplied for locale",
    "type"    : "OAuthException",
    "code"    : 100

I also tried de_DE and en_US (with uppercase country) like it's in the documentation of Facebook, but later fund this bug where they say it should be lowercase.


I filed a new bugreport with Facebook, in the hope somebody can help there.

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