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I'm trying to make an animation with a sequence of datafiles in mayavi. Unfortunately i have noticed that camera doesn't lock (it is zooming and zooming out). I think it is happening because the Z componrnt of my mesh is changing and mayavi is trying to recalculate scales.

How can I fix it? enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

import numpy
from mayavi import mlab

mlab.figure(size = (1024,768),bgcolor = (1,1,1))
mlab.view(azimuth=45, elevation=60, distance=0.01, focalpoint=(0,0,0))
#mlab.move(forward=23, right=32, up=12)

for i in range(8240,8243):
    [x,y] = numpy.meshgrid(k,n)
    z[:] = 5

    M = numpy.loadtxt('B:\\Dropbox\\Master.Diploma\\presentation\\movie\\1disk_j9.5xyz\\'+'{0:05}'.format(i)+'.txt')
    Mx = M[:,0]; My = M[:,1]; Mz = M[:,2]
    Mx = Mx.reshape(20,20); My = My.reshape(20,20); Mz = Mz.reshape(20,20);

    s = mlab.quiver3d(x,y,z,Mx, My, -Mz, mode="cone",resolution=40,scale_factor=0.016,color = (0.8,0.8,0.01))

    Mz = numpy.loadtxt('B:\\Dropbox\\Master.Diploma\\presentation\\movie\\Mzi\\' + '{0:05}'.format(i) + '.txt')
    [x,y] = numpy.meshgrid(k,n)

    f = mlab.mesh(x, y, -Mz/1.5,representation = 'wireframe',opacity=0.3,line_width=1)


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1 Answer

I do not really see the problem in your plot but to reset the view after each plotting instance insert your view point:

mlab.view(azimuth=45, elevation=60, distance=0.01, focalpoint=(0,0,0))

directly above your mlab.savefig callwithin your for loop .

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