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Anyone give me solution for mongo with authentication

use admin

db.addUser( { user: "root", pwd: "root", roles: ["readWrite"] } )

db.auth('root', 'root')

I tried the above steps. I am using Ubuntu. Is anything i did worng? How to open my db with authentication?

Thanks in advance.

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Is there an error? –  steve Jun 12 '13 at 11:01
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You can add a user to a specific db by first changing to that db use dbname and then adding a user for that specific db db.addUser('username','password'). Once you have done this you can connect to that db using mongo dbname -u username -p, or by connecting to mongo and then changing to that db and then doing db.auth('username','password').

The admin database is a special case as priveleges granted to users in this db are granted for any db. An example from the MongoDB docs is:

The userAdmin is a database specific privilege, and only grants a user the ability to administer users on a single database. However, for the admin database, userAdmin allows a user the ability to gain userAdminAnyDatabase, and so for the admin database only these roles are effectively the same.

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