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I do know, that similar question was raised here several times, however all those posts didn't help me and I still fail to fix it.

Here is part of my controller:

public class ContactController {
final Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(ContactController.class); 

private ContactService contactService;

MessageSource messageSource;

@RequestMapping(value = "/{id}", params = "form", method = RequestMethod.GET) 
public String updateForm(@PathVariable ("id") Long id, Model uiModel) { 
    uiModel.addAttribute("employee", employeeService.findById(id));"Updating employee form, id: " + id);       

    return "staff/update";

@RequestMapping(value = "/{id}", params = "form", method = RequestMethod.POST) 
public String update(@ModelAttribute("employee") Employee employee, BindingResult  bindingResult, Model uiModel, HttpServletRequest httpServletRequest, RedirectAttributes redirectAttributes, Locale locale) {"Updating employee");
if (bindingResult.hasErrors()) { 
    uiModel.addAttribute("message", new Message("error", messageSource.getMessage("employee_save_fail", new Object[]{}, locale))); 
uiModel.addAttribute("employee", employee);

return "staff/update"; 

redirectAttributes.addFlashAttribute("message", new Message("success", messageSource.getMessage("employee_save_success", new Object[]{}, locale)));

return "redirect:/staff/" + UrlUtil.encodeUrlPathSegment(employee.getId().toString(), httpServletRequest); 

Here is part of my edit.jspx:

<form:form modelAttribute="emlpoyee" id="employeeUpdateForm" method="post">
    <c:if test="${not empty message}"> 
        <div id="message" class="${message.type}">${message.message}</div> 

    <form:hidden path="firstName" />
    <form:hidden path="lastName" /> 
    <form:hidden path="salary" /> 
    <form:hidden path="birthDate" /> 
    <form:hidden path="departmentId" /> 
    <form:hidden path="active" /> 

    <button type="submit">Save</button>
        <button type="reset">Reset</button>

Whatever if put there form:input path=.... or form:label path=.... tags, the result would be the same :(.

Supplementary classes Message and UrlUtil are simple and straightforward. Employee class has all required getters and setters, and their have correct names and signatures.

updateForm method works just fine.

When I comment all those form:hidden tags it starts working properly, I get screen with two buttons... But actually I need to have number of inputs there.

I would be grateful for any kind help or assistance.

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<form:form modelAttribute="emlpoyee"

should be

<form:form modelAttribute="employee"


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Thank you TrueDub!!! You have saved me hours. It is all due to lack of attention. Thought I I would go mad. – orionix Jun 12 '13 at 12:16
You're welcome - easy thing to do! – TrueDub Jun 12 '13 at 12:38

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