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Hi this is probably just a lack of thought but I can't see how to solve this one "nicely". I have a component responsible for auditing that is used across the system, such:

public class RemoteAuditLogger: AuditLogger{}

where AuditLogger is an interface. As it stands I'm making use of constructor injection across several classes (this list of classes is growing). So I'm looking at implementing Ambient Context. The problem I have is that RemoteAuditLogger has dependencies of its own (in this case the remote audit service proxy).

So I want:

public abstract class SomeContext{
    private static SomeContext _currentCtx;
    public static SomeContext Current{
           if(_currentCtx == null){
              _currentCtx = new DefaultContext();
           return _currentCtx;
           _currentCtx = value;

    public abstract AuditLogger AuditLogger{ get; }

In this scenario DefaultContext will return a RemoteAuditLogger. Is there a way I can retain the decoupled nature of the context whilst satisfying the dependencies of RemoteLogger? I don't want SomeContext depending on the remote audit proxy, for e.g., so it "feels" like I need to keep a default constructor on DefaultContext.

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Is it MEF (or an handmade Reflection/Activator solution) an option? –  Adriano Repetti Jun 12 '13 at 11:40
Its using Autofac, if that helps. –  Dan Kendall Jun 12 '13 at 13:09
Don't go that way. Auditing is a cross-cutting concern, so should be a Decorator or Interceptor, not a Strategy: stackoverflow.com/a/7906547/126014 –  Mark Seemann Mar 22 at 21:56
Here's another example: stackoverflow.com/a/1709048/126014 –  Mark Seemann Mar 22 at 21:56
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