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I'm working with Play Framework 1.2.4, and i wanted to know if there is way to have differents routes for each languages, which point to the same controller/action (specially for the SEO).

For example, i want :

GET /en/how-it-works           myController.howItWorks
GET /fr/comment-ca-marche      myController.howItWorks

The problem is that the reverse routing start on the top of the route file, so if i'm on the /fr part of the website, the links @{myController.howItWorks} will result in /en/how-it-works

To complete my case, i'm using a parameter lang as a routeArgs, and here's my route file :

GET /{lang}/how-it-works        myController.howItWorks

myController have a @Before method that set the lang routeArgs. This code is working, i got /en/how-it-works and if i change the language to fr i got /fr/how-it-works

I've tried this in my route file, but it doesn't work

%{if (lang == 'fr') {   }%
GET /{lang}/comment-ca-marche  myController.howItWorks
%{ } else { }%
GET /{lang}/how-it-work        myController.howItWorks
%{ } }%

The lang parameter seems to be null, so i can't dynamically choose the right route. I would like to know if someone has got the same problem,

Thank you for your help

(and sorry for my english...)

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It should work.

I have the following routes

GET     /{lang}/users/list                      Application.generateLink

and relevant controller method

public static void index(String lang) { ... }

in my view

<li class=""><a href="@{UserManager.index(lang)}">&{'navigation.users.view'}</a></li>

in somewhat simplistic changeLanguage code. You simply set the language if it is null.

public static void changeLanguage(String lang) {
    if (lang != null) {
        String property = Play.configuration.getProperty("application.langs");
        if (property.contains(lang)) {
    } else {
        lang = "en";
    String replacement = String.format("/%s/", lang);
    if (lang.equals("en")) {
        redirect(request.headers.get("referer").value().replace("/fr/", replacement));
    } else {
        redirect(request.headers.get("referer").value().replace("/en/", replacement));

it works on URLs when you change language.

you could create a custom java tag to generate the links. The input will be id, text, and generate a link with the correct attributes. Have a look at http://www.playframework.com/documentation/1.2.5/templates (section Custom Java Tags)

hope it helps.

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Thank you for your help, but i've already made this part of the code (i set the lang in the routeArgs and i get it in my route files). My problem is that i want a route by lang : {lang}/how-it-works and {lang}/comment-ca-marche pointing to the same controller/action. For the moment i just have fr/how-it-works and en/how-it-works. –  Simon Jun 17 '13 at 13:57
ah, you need to insert some sort of id or constant i.e could be {lang}/{id}/{text} - based on the ID, you can replace the text, but ID needs to remain constant. Barring this solution, you will need to maintain a mapping yourself, which translates (how-it-works <==> commen-ca-marche back and forth). This is more involved, but should be doable. Important note would be that, you will have a generic controller and the text would change based on the language. I doubt if you can have multiple static routes. Perhaps, someone else can shed some light on it. –  Nasir Jun 17 '13 at 16:02
have a look at Custom Java docs in the updated link. I think it will provide the intermediate layer where you can generate the correct code. –  Nasir Jun 17 '13 at 21:45

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