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Is there a device like barcode reader which detect physical objects with webcam or something like that? I am using a barcode reader for a supermarket and my barcode reader can't read some of the barcodes. My barcode reader is fine, the problem is with my stuffs' barcodes. Is there a hardware or even software to detect the whole objects for me? thanx in advance

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you might also want to check if rfid tags are the thing for you: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio-frequency_identification – Toad Nov 10 '09 at 9:06
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Object recognition is a very complex field. Although what youa re looking this is possible i doubt if they are commercially available. If even if it were available it would be really expensive..

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Take a look at SnapTell. You can take a picture of an object, and they can find a match in a database. It's pretty amazing. It's all proprietary, but maybe they'll license their service.

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There is a commercial product available that is built to look underneath shopping carts and identify the merchandise by sight. It's called LaneHawk and is made by Evolution Robotics.

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